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International Peace Day Event

Event Period: 18/09 after maintenance ~ 29/09 before maintenance.


Buy Talisman Pack and Get Freebies!
The green dwarf and Adniel had a secret meeting weeks ago, we had our guesses as to why they met, now we know what they were up to! They were exchanging their prized talismans to bring you this incredible promotion. With every purchase of any talisman, you are rewarded with goblin points equal to 50% of the talisman's price. Also, when you buy packs of [5 + 1] or [10 + 3] you will get additional talismans as shown in the following table:

Talisman Packs # Normal Talisman # Elemental Talisman
Talisman 5+1 6 1 (free)
Talisman 10+3 13 3 (free)
Elemental Talisman 5+1 1 (free) 6
Elemental Talisman 10+3 3 (free) 13


50% Discount on All Mastery Items Up to Holyangels
It's the time! Get bloodangel sealed armor and weapons for half its price as well as upgrade material up to holy angel and unleash the power to reach Lv. 900 with this promotion.


PvP Errtel Upgrade
Power up your pentagram and master the arka war and castle siege! All your errtels rank 3 and rank 4 will upgrade with PVP bonus (not PvM).

Note: Remember that only PVP bonus can be obtained during event period, please wait for event period to end if you want to upgrade a PVM errtel. Errtel of Radiance does not participate.


New Seasonal Muuns
Go and collect muun eggs to captures the more than 160 muuns available in the MU continent. These muuns are adorable and come with options to help you on your journey. Premium Muuns can be obtained from premium egg in our xshop.

Published by MUPE Management, September 18, 2020
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