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General Server Information
Weekly Castle Siege and Arka War 👑
Get FREE eCoins by playing, hunt Silver & Gold Boxes to earn eCoins
Antihack, Balance PvP, Off-Level System, Dedicated Server 24/7
VersionExperience Drop rateMax Normal LvlMax Master Lvl
Season 1515x50%Lvl 400Lvl 1200
SpotsMana Pots MedalsMU HelperPC Limit IP
5 mobsPack x30Items +6~+9Lvl 1010 accounts
Exclusive Features
  • Offlevel: Leaves your character leveling offline. (Last 72 hours)

  • Offtrade: Leaves your character selling for ecoins offline.

  • Party Matching: Search and obtain party even if Party Master is AFK.

  • Reconnect System: Reconnects your character in periods of internet inestability.

  • DC a Friend: Disconnects a friend character knowing its password.

  • Account Lock System: Secure your character against all risks.

  • Marry System: Marry and obtain /teleport command to travel to your partner.

Enhance Rates
Improving Items must require a challenge and a probability of failure, nevertheless we made it realistic and factible which provide a better gameplay joy.
Jewel Rates Default rates
Chaos Machine Default rates
Errtel Upgrades Improved
Sphere Upgrades Improved
Earrings Enhance Improved
Arca War DoppelGanger Labyrinth Of Dimension
Blood CastleKalima EventChaos Castle Survival
Devil SquareKanturu EventTormented Square
Chaos CastleBalgass EventIllusion Temple Championship
White Wizard InvasionMuun EventLast Man Stand
Golden InvasionRaklion EventFind The GM
Dragon EventCastle Siege Dark Monsters Invasion
Loren DeepCore MagriffyScramble Words
Battle SoccerAcheron GuardianMini-Games
Kanturu EventFerea BattleGolden Collosus
Imperial GuardianLord SilvesterNixie Boss
Medusa EventEvomon EventGod of Darkness
Goblin Point System

Our Goblin Point (GP) system allows you to hunt invasions, mini-bosses and bosses and be rewarded with GP for killing them. Castle Siege statues and gates also rewards GP.

Get up to +55% EXP Bonus from our Goblin Point Shop that cannot be obtained otherwise. As reference our max ecoins EXP boost is up to ~50% only.

/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server
/offlevel Leaves your character leveling offline
/offtrade Leaves your character selling offline
/pkclear Clear PK status (costs 1 billion zen)
/crew Display all Game Masters online
/soccer Challenges opposite guild to soccer
/dcfriend [character] [password] Disconnect a friend character
/scramble [word] Play the scramble event
/requests [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game
/addstr [points] Adds points to Strength
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points] Adds points to Vitality
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command
/marry Propose marriage to other player (1)
/accept Accept marry proposal.
/teleport Teleports to your married character.
/divorce Allows to take divorce.
(1) Marriage System take places in Devias 2 church with characters standing at coordenates (12,25) and (14,26). Requires a minimum of level 300 and costs 30 million zen for each character.
Character Level Creation
You need at least one character in the required level to unlock it.
CharacterLevel Requirement
Dark KnightLv. 1
Dark WizardLv. 1
Fairy ElfLv. 1
SummonerLv. 1
Rune WizardLv. 1
Magic GladiatorLv. 1
Dark LordLv. 1
Rage FighterLv. 1
Grow LancerLv. 1
SlayerLv. 1
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