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Standard Banning Guidelines

Communication Abuse


   First instance    Chat ban 3 days
   Second instance    Chat ban 1 week
   Third instance    Chat ban 1 month
   Fourth instance    Permanent character ban
Walk and Kill Punishment
   First instance    Character block 2 days
   First instance    Character block 1 week
   First instance    Character block 1 month
   Fourth instance    Permanent character ban
Bug exploit Punishment
   Mild    Account block 1 week
   Moderate    Account block 2 weeks
   Severe    Permanent HWID/IP ban
Other Abuses Punishment
   Bad Naming    Up to 24 hours character ban. Name changed.
   Real Cash Trading    Permanent ban (both seller and buyer)
   Cheating (third-party softwares)    Permanent HWID/IP ban
   Abusive Behavior    Up to 24 hours character ban
   Advertise other servers, services or products    Permanent HWID/IP ban


Reporting Guidelines

  • All reports must be done objectively with clear visual evidence (either a video or photo) where it display the reported character, the action being reported together with its explanation of what we should be looking for in that visual evidence. Note: We will not take actions based on your thoughts, feelings, prior experience or expertise.

  • Communication abuse reports we only will take into consideration constant (repetitive) harassment from the other part and the context where it produced. If your visual evidence lacks this (either intentionally or unintentionally) we will close the report. In other words a couple of times is not enough. You must have done everything available to block the toxic player (i.e use chat block 'F2').

  • Walk and Kill abuse (those who walk around maps killing everybody for fun) we will consider only those players who kill everyone without a valid reason. Killing one party as a result of competition is allowed, but sending to safe everyone in a map or several maps just because you think it is fun to not allow real people to level up isn't a valid one. This behavior has to be repetitive to be considered a fault and be reportable.

  • Bug Exploits we consider the severity as follow:

    • Mild infraction: Are those that barely give you an advantage and can be taken back. (i.e leveling in a spot with more than 6 monsters because of a configuration mistake).
    • Moderate infraction: Are those that can influence and give valuable advantage that may affect server economy and gameplay. (i.e exploting a quest that can be re-done indefinitely to obtain the prize several times).
    • Severe infraction: Are those that are damaging to our beloved server and whose gained advantage cannot be taken back due bug nature. (i.e. selling and re-purchasing jewels to NPC to earn infinite amounts of zen).



  • Under any suspicion and/or investigation we may and will block access to your account immediately until the investigation is resolved. Any period item or subscription that may suffer from this investigation will be restored to its original time prior the investigation only if it is found not guilty.

  • If an account or character is banned, any period item will keep its time running and may be expired when the account or character ban expires.

  • We may also ban all accounts under users HWID and IP if we find it necessary due to the nature of the violation. Therefore be careful who you share your account with.

  • Real Cash Trading is harmful to our beloved server, our hard work and to all our donors who support this project. Those people who want to take advantage and earn free profits out of this community, the administration and all donor's money will be banned and those who support their commerce (buyers) will be banned as well. We have zero tolerance for this matter.

  • We can recover some items from a robbery if it is reported within 24 hours from the moment the items were extracted from the account and after we confirm if it isn't a legitimate trade. We cannot guaranteed recovering all items but will do our best.

  • Any advantage obtained from exploiting any bug will be removed back to prior the bug exploit meaning that even normal improvements and/or advances will be roll-back to before the bug was exploited by the offender.



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