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Server Info 2,918
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Noble Elf
Gens FamilyNone
Gens Rank--
Gens Contribution0

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Crusader 5
0 Kills / 1 Deaths

Hunting Log:

MapHunt TimeLvLMob KillsN. DmgE. DmgExpDate
1Swamp of Darkness04:22:021,0110.0000325,5452021-03-30 04:54 AM
2Kubera Mine00:05:001,0110.0000447,6102021-03-27 10:58 AM
3Swamp of Darkness04:24:021,0110.0000899,0422021-03-27 04:24 AM
4Swamp of Darkness23:59:561,0110.0000784,3502021-03-27 04:24 AM
5Swamp of Darkness24:00:001,0100.0000754,0382021-03-27 04:24 AM
6Swamp of Darkness23:58:361,0100.0000776,6532021-03-27 04:24 AM
7Swamp of Darkness23:17:531,0090.0000880,2862021-03-24 04:15 PM
8Swamp of Darkness16:07:361,0080.0000825,5972021-03-23 12:26 PM
9Swamp of Darkness14:34:191,0080.00001,268,6202021-03-21 02:34 PM
10Swamp of Darkness21:28:471,0070.00001,298,3132021-03-21 02:34 PM
11Swamp of Darkness17:05:591,0060.00001,144,2892021-03-19 08:35 PM
12Swamp of Darkness08:04:581,0050.00001,033,3862021-03-19 03:10 PM
13Deep Dungeon08:45:421,0050.0000562,5582021-03-18 03:54 PM
14Deep Dungeon24:00:001,0040.0000618,7232021-03-18 01:07 AM
15Deep Dungeon24:00:001,0040.0000628,5262021-03-18 01:07 AM
16Deep Dungeon13:51:071,0030.0000653,8552021-03-18 01:07 AM
17Deep Dungeon24:00:001,0030.0000708,5382021-03-15 02:27 AM
18Deep Dungeon21:11:021,0020.0000671,7142021-03-15 02:27 AM
19Deep Dungeon16:16:381,0010.0000580,3622021-03-12 06:39 PM
20Deep Dungeon07:44:511,0010.0000607,8392021-03-12 03:39 AM
21Swamp of Darkness06:39:031,0010.0000719,7012021-03-11 04:29 PM
22Swamp of Darkness00:03:501,0010.005093,7922021-03-10 05:46 AM
All values per second.
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