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Avoid Connection Issues

One of the most common issue that users face when trying to start the game is not being able to Press Start Game or being disconnected within 3-5 minutes after login into the game.

Keep the following guidelines to enjoy the game without any issues:


  • First of all it's important that you keep your PC in good health, therefore please install a good antivirus and keep it updated and running.
  • Avoid adding folder or programs to exclusion of your antivirus unless you really trust the developer behind the software.
  • There could be a false-positive with some AV vendors with our game client (either IGC.dll, main.exe or our Launcher) you must check wether your antivirus is deleting those while you were installing the game if so please add the client folder to exclusion and re-install. I can asure you there's no virus and you can trust the files since its use is no other than to make the game works.
  • Avoid using pirate antivirus, always use original.

How to add mu folder to exceptions list in your antivirus

How to disable antivirus, firewall and windows defender

Files & Programs:

  • If you are not familiar with CCleaner, please download it at:, install it and use it regularly it will keep your PC running in optimal conditions.
  • Uninstall unused programs, extremely load hard drives can cause issues and lost of system performance.
  • Also uninstall unwanted programs that you cannot recognize or never authorized to install in first place (including adware)
  • Uninstall pirate programs that probably may cause issues with overall system.
  • Use CCleaner to disable unwanted programs and process from start up with your computer that may cause issues with server.
  • Keep your PC drivers up to date. Most performance issues are due outdated drivers.

Router & Modem:

  • Update your router/modem firmware frequently and change its password from time to time.
  • Restart your router/modem every week or so. (It's the only device that is on almost all his life, rebooting it will fix some issues or bugs)
  • Check wether your router/modem does not have package filter otherwise you won't be able to login into our servers. Our Antihack will kick you within the first 5 minutes of play.
  • Mostly in case you cannot press "Game Start" reboot your router/modem to change your IP (in case you have a dynamic IP otherwise ask for help to our staff).
  • If possible get Ethernet connection, it's faster, stable and produce less lag. Laptops with Wi-Fi may experience connectivity issues mainly due to these issues, if using wireless connection try to be as close as possible of your router.

Web Browser:

  • Try to keep your browser as healthy as your PC since most of its data is store in your PC, do not install unnecessary plugins and do not visit dangerous website that may infect it, it may affect the game client.
  • We highly recommend the use of Google Chrome or Firefox since we never had any issue with those accesing the service in general (website, game client)

If anything works then you can always format your PC we highly recommend you to install original windows with the lastest OS (Windows 10 or higher) and use a good Antivirus, most connection issues are due to the points mentioned above, it's not server fault since any connection issue at server level would disconnect everyone or prevent anyone from login and not just you.

Note: Make sure your windows is always updated, many errors can arise from an outdated operating system.

Good Luck

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