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Here we post all server changes made everytime we perform a maintenance, be aware that some changes made have been actived before the maintenance but are being announced all together. This is updated page so please make sure to visit it regularly


Changelog 04, dec. 2020

  • Added 1 GP Reward Every 20 minutes a character is online.
  • Added Talisman of Luck to all bosses (elemental bosses have etol and non-elemental have tol).
  • Added Box of Heaven Drop from monster.
  • Removed Box of Luck Drop from monster.
  • Increase amount of jewel earned from Obelisk in Protector of Acheron Event.

Changelog 24, oct. 2020

  • Removed Golden Colossus Event.
  • Increase Combo Strengthener DMG.
  • Increase Life Stone HP and Defense.
  • Increase Archeman and Spearman HP, Defense and Damage.
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