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Cannot Press Game Start

If you cannot access the game because START Button is gray AND Launcher background image isn't displayed as shown in the image above could be because your IP had been blocked by our firewall due it is a compromised host. It happens when your computer or modem is infected with a botnet that is found scanning our IP address space for vulnerable servers.

Fix Guide

  1. Because your Public IP is blocked you need to change it. But before you do it or request us to unblock it, we'll need some basic tasks to be performed in an attempt to remove common bot infections that may be present. Specifically:

    • Update the firmware on the router and/or modem
    • Change the credentials to log into the router and/or modem
    • If possible, disable WAN-side administration of the router and/or modem
    • Scan the PC and home network for malicious software and viruses
    • Update the firmware and change the passwords on other internet-connected devices -- particularly video surveillance devices

  2. To change your IP yourself: Unplug your router from the outlet, wait 10 minutes and plug it back in. Sometimes you are required to leave it unplugged overnight. See if your public IP changed here:
  3. In case you cannot change your public IP by your own or you have a static IP please send us your IP to be unblocked to [email protected], [email protected] or an inbox to our fanpage

Note: Failure to follow the steps will result in your IP ban again. The third time your IP is blocked, your IP is blocked for 2 months and cannot be unblocked. Please follow the steps above.

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