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Cyber Wow Event


Event Period: 07/07 after maintenance ~ 14/07 before maintenance.

20% Off All Items in Sinchis and GP!
During event period all items in our store will have 20% discount, it is the perfect time for purchase event entry tickets, talisman of ascension, panda pet, tca and more! Promotion includes items in sinchis and goblin points. Note: Keys and elite potions are not included.

Special Rex Million Muun
During event period there is a probability for you to obtain a Rex Million when purchasing our Premium Muun Eggs from our store. Take advatange of its already discounted price and get the desired Rex Million (it gives +35 non-pvp elemental defense and unlock a third muun space).

Goblin Point Boxes
Need to pass some goblin points to other characters? We got you, buy our goblin point boxes and share gp with other characters. You can gift, trade and commerce them!

Published by MUPE Management, July 7, 2020
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