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Castle Siege Opening!



¡Castle Siege Opening!

This Sunday, April 2, the alliances will compete to win the crown of the castle, this is where strategy, effort and perseverance will pay off.


Weekly Schedule

Monday - Wednesday Thrusday- Friday Saturday Sunday
Guild Register Sign of Lord Register Guild Announcement Battle


Note 1: Battle time is at 11:00 a.m. (server time). Duration: 45 minutes.
Note 2: Seal seconds reset upon death or leaving the dragon tower.

Rewards for Winning

Winning the castle siege brings not only honor and glory but also exclusive benefits that you can enjoy as long as you hold the crown.

Lord Mix Land of Trial
Horn of Fenrir, Fenrir Black, Blue and Gold, Items mastery FO, Rings y Pendientes FO +0~4 Items Ancients, Socket Items, Hot spots, Erohim Exclusive Boss.


Rewards for Participation

All the players that belong to the clans that attend the castle siege will enter a raffle of 5 items (per clan) + 1 Peripheral. It is enough to be a member of a guild that conforms the alliance to already be in the draw. Join a clan now!

1x Ancient Hero Soul
1x Ancient Hero Soul +11
5x Blood Angel TCA
3x Dark Angel TCA
2x Mysterious Stone
1x Periférico (hardware) -- HOT


¡Inauguration Rewards!

We know that being a guild master is hard work that requires a lot of effort to build ready-made clans that are always ready. Skills that, without a doubt, will be of vital importance to participate in the event. Therefore, all clan leaders will be rewarded for their intervention 5 black fenrirs so that they can raffle to their clan.

Do you want to build your clan and compete?
Create your clan add 15 members who attend the castle siegue (or arka war) event and you will receive 3 sets of stampers (Set Leather +15+16+DD+HP) for FREE for 30 Days. What are you waiting for? Have fun on the best MU Online PvP server.


  1. The event is governed by the general rules of the game. Ally masters are responsible for ensuring that all of their players abide by the rules. The lack of a member to the rules will disable the alliance to enjoy the benefits of the castle in case they obtain the crown.
  2. All alliances and clans must respect the limit of killers and accommodate their clans with respect to it. There is 0 tolerance for missing the killer limit and not registering on time for events.
  3. In case of technical problems during the event and it has to be stopped, it will resume under the same conditions (same defensive guild and remaining time) on another day and that week Land of Trial is open to the public.
  4. In case a Sunday where the castle siege takes place is a holiday or there are obligations as citizens that disable the attendance of all players (Christmas, mandatory voting) the event will not take place and in that week Land of Trial is open to the public.
Published by MUPE Management, March 31, 2023
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