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Rookie Guilds Event

Event Period: 30/09 ~ 31/10.


United We Stand, Divided We Fall...!
One of warrior's best moments come from fighting side by side with trusty comrades. Some enjoy sharing a good story with their friends around a bonfire. Whichever you choose, it is hard to deny the joys of having good companions by your side.

We have prepared a special event for rookie guilds about to take the next step and become competitive. Create a guild, recruit members to meet the requirements and receive special rewards that will help your guild throughout the journey.


How to Participate:

  1. Create and recruit members that meet the requirement or join to an existing guild (except evight, union or outlaws)*.
  2. When your guild meets the requirement of 20 members above level 500 or higher and are ready to participate to an arka war or castle siege, then register it in our discord channel. Link:
  3. In our discord channel please provide guild name, guild master name and include the name of all guild members including their current level.
  4. After participation you must keep your guild members for at least 14 days.


Event Requirements:

  • Guilds must have a minimum of 20 members (all mains, no mules).
  • Guild members must be level 500 or above.
  • Must participate in at least one arka war or castle siege within the event period (at least 15 members must be present and participating).
  • Must keep your guild members for at least 14 days after competing in an arka war or castle siege.



  • Exclusive for Guild Master:
    • Badge of Hardship: You can get “Dark Transformation Ring” at 100% success rate by combining Badge of Hardships via Noria Chaos Goblin
    • Special Rex Million Muun for 30 days.
  • All Guild Members:
    • Master Seal of Wealth for 30 days.


*Note: This event is to support new and rookie clans to become more active and participate in PvP events. Any attempt to pass a character from one of the three mentioned clans to a registered clan in this event in order to earn the prizes will be penalized.

Published by MUPE Management, September 30, 2020
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