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Colombus Day Event!


Event Period: 12/10 after maintenance ~ 20/10 before maintenance.

Mysterious Boxes and Seed Capsules
It is time for upgrades and enhacements! Go and make your items even better with these oportunity to get mysterious stone and enhance your socket items. You can find these in our in-game shop (x) in Event tab.

The Golden Colossus 
The continent of MU is under attack! Protect the land from an invasion of Golden Monsters to unlock random rewards which may include jewels, zen, misc, and Angel & Devil wings. Golden Goblins have been released into the lands of Kanturu, Aida, Tarkan, Karutan and Acheron. When defeated, these creatures may drop a Book of Invocation that will summon other Golden Monsters.

Note: There is 7~13 golden goblin per maps. Golden goblin spawn every 1h after being killed.

Errtel Upgrade PVM
During Event period all your errtels rank 3 and rank 4 will upgrade with PVM bonus (not PvP), it is time to unleashe the power and domain higher maps!

Note: Remember that only PVM bonus can be obtained during event period, please wait for event period to end if you want to upgrade a PVP errtel. Errtel of Radiance does not participate.

Seasonal Muuns
Go and collect muun eggs and release the power of these bad boys, these are special seasonal muuns that comes with more than good options like increase critical damage, repair fee reduction, attack skill and increase attack power.


Thank you very much,
MUPE Staff

Published by MUPE Management, October 12, 2020
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