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MU Perú es Bacán
It is our tradition. It is our "chacota". It is our server. MU Peru is Bacán. Now every time a game master connects to the server it will be announced, the first person to post "MU Peru is Bacán" will win 1 Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly. Good luck, stay active!

Post Example: /post MU Peru es bacan

Note: Reward will be delivered to your gremory case (K) in the section "My Server". You have 7 days to redeem it or it will expire and disappear.

New Errtel Rank 3 & 4 Upgrade System
From now on we will be running the errtel rank 3 & 4 PvM & PvP upgrade event on a fixed basis next to each season event, alternating between them (one at a time per event). The weeks where there is no current event the probability between PvP and PvM will be 50/50 (you are warned).

Note: If you upgrade an errtel to rank 3 or 4 during the week where there is no event, you will be responsible for the result. Errtel of Radiance does not participate.


Game Master In-Game Events
Unirias Races, Game Master Search, Drop Event, Trivia and more! Soon MUPE will be hosting in-game events by our game masters.

Published by MUPE Management, October 13, 2020
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