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[PvP Event] King of the ring

King of the ring: Rage Fighters Edition
We are starting the first season of "King of the ring" where up to 16 participants will fight in 1v1 duels to take the throne of victory. In this first season the characters of the rage fighter class will be competing, the only requirement is to be normal level 299.

The 16 participants (2 per guild), to register you must simply join our discord channel and in the king of the ring channel (Link: add the nickname and guild of your 2 blade knight level 299 that will compete. Guilds must have at least 15 members of main characters (no mules). Tournament date is saturday 31/10 4PM PET. All participantes will be rewarded with a conqueror's badget.


King of the ring progress schedule

Monday 26/10 Thrusday 30/10 Friday 31/10 Saturday 31/10
Open registration End of registration Fixture of the tournament  PvP Tournament




  • Be normal level 299
  • Be class rage fighter
  • Guild must have at least 15 characters (all main, no mules)


Tournament rules:

  • You cannot use complex, sd or elite potions.
  • Participants must have different IP and HWID.
  • You cannot use archangel weapons or blessed archangel weapon.
  • Failure to show up for your duels will ban you from future events.
  • Forbidden to let yourself win on purpose, the registration of all characters is with the intention of competing.
  • All duels are Bo1 (best of 1).
  • The 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th places will be chosen based on the score obtained in your duels (eg if you lost your duel 10-8, your score is 8).
  • These rules are subject to change and / or additions at any time.
Published by MUPE Management, October 27, 2020
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