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Veterans Day Event


Event Period: 16/11 after maintenance ~ 24/11 before maintenance.

Maze Goblin Hunt
Can you hunt the goblin in the labyrinth? Immerse yourself in the labyrinth of dimensions and get hold of the goblin's treasure that rests there. The goblin appears if you manage to reach the end of the maze in 10  15 rooms or less.


Labyrinth Goblin Rewards

Ancient Items Errtel of Divinity Sealed Golden Box
Errtel of Anger Runedil's Goldentune Harp Jewel of Bless x10
Errtel of Blessing Lemuria's Orb Jewel of Soul x10
Errtel of Integrity Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra Other Jewels x10

Gift a Goblin Point
During the event period you will be able to gift 500, 1000 and 2000 goblin points to other characters. You can buy goblin points boxes in our xshop in event tab, those boxes can be gifted, traded and sold through personal store.

Elemental Capsules
Time to move to the next hunt zone! From Capsules you can obtain errtel of radiance, pentagrams, blessing of spirit, radiance fragment slots and elemental powder! The errtel and pentagram element type depends on the capsule element.

Note: Pentagrams up to Ancient Icarus Scroll and similars can be obtained. No Antonia sword or lyra.

Errtel Upgrade PVP
During Event period all your errtels rank 3 and rank 4 will upgrade with PVP bonus (not PvM), it is time to unleashe the power and domain higher maps!

Note: Remember that only PVP bonus can be obtained during event period, please wait for event period to end if you want to upgrade a PV´M errtel. Errtel of Radiance does not participate.

Seasonal Muuns
Go and collect muun eggs and release the power of these bad boys, these are special seasonal muuns that comes with more than good options like increase critical damage, repair fee reduction, attack skill and increase attack power.

Published by MUPE Management, November 16, 2020
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