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MU Anniversary Event


Event Period: 19/03 after maintenance ~ 31/03 before maintenance.

FREE Third Wing Box
All characters with level 600 or higher has received a gift to their gremory cases (K) with a Third Wing Box that provide Bound wings for your character class (option, luck and excellent option are random). You can redeem your wings until wednesday 24 or it will expire.

Buy Talisman Pack and Get Freebies!
The green dwarf and Adniel had a secret meeting weeks ago, we had our guesses as to why they met, now we know what they were up to! They were exchanging their prized talismans to bring you this incredible promotion. With every purchase of any talisman (tca, tol, etca, etol), you are rewarded with goblin points equal to 50% of the talisman's price. Also, when you buy packs of [5 + 1] or [10 + 3] you will get additional talismans as shown in the following table:

Talisman Packs # Normal Talisman # Elemental Talisman # Goblin Points Earned
Talisman 5+1 6 1 (free) +250~500 GP
Talisman 10+3 13 3 (free) +500~1000 GP
Elemental Talisman 5+1 1 (free) 6 +250~500 GP
Elemental Talisman 10+3 3 (free) 13 +500~1000 GP

Maze Goblin Hunt
Can you hunt the goblin in the labyrinth? Immerse yourself in the labyrinth of dimensions and get hold of the goblin's treasure that rests there. The goblin appears if you manage to reach the end of the maze in 10  15 rooms or less.

Labyrinth Goblin Rewards
Ancient Items Errtel of Divinity Sealed Golden Box
Errtel of Anger Runedil's Goldentune Harp Jewel of Bless x10
Errtel of Blessing Lemuria's Orb Jewel of Soul x10
Errtel of Integrity Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra Other Jewels x10


Seasonal Muuns
Go hunt them all, enjoy our muuns for these seasons or go premium and buy muun eggs from our in-game shop. Either way you will love them!

Published by MUPE Management, March 19, 2021
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