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Happy Easter Event


Event Period: 31/03 after maintenance ~ 06/04 before maintenance.

Buy 1 Get 2
Our oldest and most beloved promotion is back. Now in selected items when you buy 1 you will get 1 as a gift until the end of the event period.

Happy Easter Event
Easter Bunnies have come to MU continent with presents and rewards for all of you. It includes our exclusive 380 excellent drop from these gift boxes up to 3 excellent options, normal 380 weapons, jewels, bless of lights, pet unicorn, zen and more!. They spawn in Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland and Losttower at 3 AM, 7 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM, 10 PM (Server Time).

Errtel Upgrade PVM
During Event period all your errtels rank 3 and rank 4 will upgrade with PVM bonus (not PvP), it is time to unleashe the power and domain castle siege & arka war!

Note: Remember that only PVM bonus can be obtained during event period, please wait for event period to end if you want to upgrade a PVP errtel. Errtel of Radiance does not participate.

New Normal and Premium Season Muuns 
Go hunt them all, enjoy our muuns for these seasons or go premium and buy muun eggs from our in-game shop. Either way you will love them!


Published by MUPE Management, April 1, 2021
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