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Happy Mother Day!


Event Period: 05/05 after maintenance ~ 12/05 before maintenance.

Puppy Invasion
A herd of adorable puppies is passing through the MU continent, find all the cubs and be rewarded. They spawn in Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland and Losttower at 3 AM, 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM, 11 PM (Server Time). Puppies reward are as shown in the table below:

Puppy Color Count* Reward
Green 250 Normal Armors +9~+11, Bless of Light, Reset Fruits, Second Wing Box, Jewels & Zen.
White 75

Normal Weapons +9~+11, Bless of Light, Reset Fruits, Second Wing Box, Jewels & Zen.

Purple 5 Jewel of Wisdom & Zen
Yellow 0~5 Jewel of Luck & Ze

*Note: Items are normal dragon, guardian, legendary and similar (weapons are similar). The number of puppies is the sum of all puppies across all maps. Purple puppies spawm 1 per map and yellow puppy may spawn in one or more of the 5 maps mentioned, they are rare.

+1.10X EXP Event
Enjoy your FREE time during this week and boost your level with this EXP Boost take advatange of our awesome events (devil square, blood castle and so on) to event boost yourself more! Happy Gaming.

+15% Extra Sinchis & Talisman Promotion
During event period all your donations now provide a 15% Extra Sinchis PLUS all Talisman purchased through our in-game shop reward you with 30% of the talisman price as goblin points. i.e If you purchase 1 TCA you receive 60 GP as a reward.

-20% OFF in Sealed Bloodangel Set
During the event period enjoy a 20% OFF on Sealed Bloodangel Sets (40,000 ruuds instead 50,000 per part). This is your time to gear up all your party and favorite characters!.

Seasonal Muuns
Go and collect muun eggs and release the power of these bad boys, these are special seasonal muuns that comes with more than good options like increase critical damage, repair fee reduction, attack skill and increase attack power.


Thank you very much,
MUPE Staff

Published by Administrator, May 5, 2020
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