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Event Period: 28/04 to 01/05

Up to +50% EXP Boost
Take advantage ONLY this weekend we increase the EXP by +50%! If you haven't joined our amazing server yet, don't let the opportunity pass you by. Take advantage now from April 28 to May 01 to level up your dream character.


Normal levels +50% EXP
Master levels +50% EXP
Majestic levels +30% EXP


Note: The EXP is increased to the base exp (it is not reflected as a bonus in the EXP Display)


Cyber MUPE
Get extra FREE +15% sinchis for every donation. If you donate through Niubiz (debit or credit card), yape or plin you will obtain an extra +5% sinchis. What you are waiting for? Go to:


Kind regards,


Published by MUPE Management, April 28, 2023
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