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Server Opening Event


We are starting a new adventure, it will be full of excitement, fun and nostalgia. Hope you've a good time playing MUPE from now on. You're cordially invited to celebrate with us from 22/03/2020 ~ 05/04/2020.


Our xshop (in-game store) and our goblin point system will not be available for first month after server opens, this is done to provide a richer experience and competitive early game for everyone. You all have the same possibilities and challenges now, enjoy MUPE as never before!


Beginners Starter Package
Start with all the power, when you create a new character you will receive automatically our starter package that includes seals and buffs for 3 days as listed below:

Seal of Ascension
Seal of Divinity
Scroll of Battle
Scroll of Wrath
Scroll of Wizardry
Scroll of Health
Scroll of Mana
Scroll of Quickness
Scroll of Defense

Note: Buffs are automatically applied to your character once it is created and its time starts running from that moment.

Firecracker Event
During the event period monsters in lorencia, noria, devias and elbeland can drop firecrackers that will bring you items +7~+9 exclusively for your character class. Items are Scale, Sphinx, Wind and similars, open as many as you like but remember that it will only drop items for the character that is using the firecracker.


Level 400 Race Event
Race your way to the top! The first 50 characters to reach level 400 will earn a special muun Hip-Hop Dino.


Note:  Muun is not evolved and until further events you will not be able to level it up or evolve it. Muun is delivered automatically to your gremory case once you reach level 400, you must reconnect to visualize it, you have up to 7 days to redeem it or it will expires and be deleted.


Thank you very much,
MUPE Staff

Published by Administrator, March 20, 2020
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