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2700+ Online & Compensation Event

2700+ Online achieved !
We are already more than 2700 people united by a single passion that fills us with nostalgia and joy. Congratulations to all of you who make up this MUPE family. Subserver 4 has been opened. All subservers have the same characteristics.


Compensation Event
Dear users, we have removed a party exp buff from the NPC Eve that deprives some of enjoying what others already enjoyed. Our administration aims to offer the best service with total transparency, ethics and integrity.

Given this, we ask you our sincerest apologies if anyone felt disadvantaged. That is why we are offering a +15% EXP Boost compensation experience event for all of our level 1 to level 410 players for 3 days. Event Period 26/03 ~ 29/03

MU Online has been our passion since we were in school, back in 2003. We love this game and this community, and we want to see it grow and endure, as we know you do too.

The administration


Pin code Pad
Secure your account had never been easier, now you can add a 4 pin code to your account to block unwanted access your UserCP. You can set your pin code in your UserCP, make sure you can remember your pin code when creating it.


Thank you very much,
MUPE Staff

Published by Administrator, March 25, 2020
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