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MU Powerball Event


Want to buy the best gear but don't have enough sinchis?

By the time you read this sentence a lot of people will have won sinchis with MU Powerball. Buy your ticket for as cheap as 25 sinchis and have a chance to win a share of the jackpot. Everybody wins! Get right one number, two, three or all four of them and you will be already winning sinchis. Access your UserCP and go to MU Powerball to play the game.


• Ticket sales starts sunday 24.
• MU Powerball's raffles are held on friday at 3pm.
• Winners will be announced after the raffle and sinchis will be awarded after 24h.
• Every ticket purchased increases the jackpot by 80% ticket value.
• You can choose any combination of 4 not repeated numbers from 1-20.
• You can buy up to 10 MU Powerball tickets per account.

Published by Administrator, May 24, 2020
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